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With spring comes good weather and days bathed in the gentle rays of the sun. This season will also be animated by the energy of Saturn, which concretizes the rebellious dreams of Pisces, and on the other hand, by that of Pluto, the star of transformation and metamorphosis which transits in Aquarius from March 24. Having scanned the March sky for you, the astrologers have unearthed, thanks to this marriage of energies, opportunities that will present themselves to four signs of the zodiac. What are these lucky signs?

After the rain, the good weather, such is the promise of the universe in March 2023. The energies of certain planets promise to bring a radical change in several aspects of the life of these zodiac signs.

With the transition from Pluto to Aquarius, the dreams of these four zodiac signs will come to fruition in March 2023:

From March 7, Pisces with its dreamy but also extravagant character, will be able to push Saturn, the planet of rule and morality, to give meaning to its desire to grow and build over the long term. As of March 24, the transition from Pluto to Aquarius will give rise to a revolution that will impact four signs of the zodiac.

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Libra sign. Source: spm

Libra friends, this time you are among the few chosen by the stars, which is why you will have a great chance of carrying out the plans you thought were impossible. Don’t be afraid to shine. The universe inspired by the planet of transformation will support you to discover your full potential as well as skills of which you were not even aware.

At work, you will make your expertise known to everyone. You will be the model employee and inspire your colleagues through your actions, your decision-making and your ambitions. Have plenty of leeway and invest within your means. This rational approach will help you grow your money and invest it in promising projects without breaking the bank.

During this process of hard work, don’t brag until you see definite results, it will spare you bad energy and help you stay focused on your goals. Similarly for your finances, avoid impulsive and uncalculated purchases before securing your financial situation. The best is yet to come…



Scorpio sign. Source: spm

The year looks promising for you and the month of March will confirm it and this is only the beginning!

Even if the results do not necessarily appear during this month, everything will be up to your ambitions to offer you interesting offers that you will be able to seize.

Just keep looking for the right opportunity, you will eventually find what meets your expectations. A Scorpio wins or wins, he never loses.

If your work does not make you fulfilled, consider looking for additional income in your area of ​​​​expertise. Rest assured, you will fascinate everyone with your courage and determination. The wheat rests on the first step only, the rest you will take care of.

For job seekers, the month of March will be favorable for you, continue to apply for the job offers that interest you, recruiters will eventually give a favorable response. If you need to update your cover letter, don’t hesitate to do so!
On the heart side, you will be quite busy improving your professional life and will have no trouble putting your emotions aside.


fabulous lion

Sign you Lion. Source: Q

For you Leos, the hard workers of the zodiac, the universe will compile all the means to help you shine in your career.

You will see your work speed up, your responsibilities multiply and new challenges arise… all of this must be faced with patience and discipline; it is the effect of Pluto transiting in Aquarius.

Your life will certainly be turned upside down with all this acceleration, except that this perseverance will be an opportunity to show what you are capable of.

The month of March will be an opportunity to question yourself. Take the opportunity to modify your CV and personalize your applications, this approach often proves to be effective and agile.



Sign of Aquarius. Source: spm

They will feel light as a soap bubble. It was Aquarius who attracted the positive energy of Pluto to them. They will end the first quarter of 2023 with serenity and zenitude.

Finances will be excellent for you, so start by reassuring yourself. This will be an opportunity to spoil yourself with the purchases you had to postpone.

Job seekers, open your arms, an attractive contract is on your way. Are you ready to start a new adventure?

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Aquarians in office, on the other hand, you will be content to remain productive in your work. Your confidence will be at the top and you will know how to maintain balance in your life.

The energy of Pisces will still wrap your personal life in sweetness, so singles could meet an exciting and loving person who will do them so much good. On the other hand, the universe whispers to you to take it easy, beautiful things happen to those who know how to take it easy…

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