Hogwarts Legacy series may be in development at HBO

The success of Hogwarts Legacy appears to be just the beginning of a new stage in the wizard’s saga. The game set in the universe of Harry Potter got the approval of the public and the critics, reaching great numbers and falling into the graces of Warner. Now, what has everything to become a successful franchise can also be expanded to television.

While a continuation of Hogwarts Legacy is just a matter of time after the great success of the title, the new weight name of the Harry Potter universe may already be winning a series developed by HBO. Production would be in the early stages and would reportedly be released on HBO Max.

Hogwarts Legacy may have a series on HBO Max

According to the Giant Freaking Robot website, Hogwarts Legacy will be adapted for the small screen by HBO, after Warner Bros. being dissatisfied with the numbers and reception of Fantastic Beasts, the spin-off trilogy of the wizard’s franchise. With the failure of “The Secrets of Dumbledore”, a film released in 2022, Warner may have found in Hogwarts Legacy the chance to tell an interesting new story within this universe.

In the game developed by Avalanche, the player plays against his own character and explores the magical world, without the presence of famous characters from the franchise. Therefore, the television series will probably follow a similar path, telling a story set many years before the films / books, exploring other unpublished characters in a different period of the saga.

The series has yet to be officially confirmed.

Despite the Giant Freaking Robot being a prestigious portal, usually revealing early information in an accurate manner, it must be understood that the Hogwarts Legacy series is still a rumor. Although the information is exciting, no confirmation has been made by Warner or HBO. For now, the production still does not have any official information.

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