Anastasia Katsougri’s book “Odysseus and Calypso in Minoan Crete” is presented – 2024-02-24 19:50:49

Discover bookstore and Hibiscus publications invite us to the presentation of Anastasia Katsougri’s book “Odysseus and Calypso travel to Minoan Crete”.

The event will take place on Saturday, February 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the bookshop (pedestrian street Vourvachis 3. tel.: 261 062 4916).

Vasiliki Resvani, director of the 23rd Board of Directors, will speak about the book. Patron and the author.

A narration will be given by the music teacher at the Experimental High School of Patras, Ioanna Midilogliti

Students from the 23rd D.S. will participate. Patras with their teacher Mr. Dora Papazoi.

The event will be accompanied by musicians: Spyros Kantarelis (trombone), Geli Mitrogiannis (piano), Manos Antonopoulos (classical percussion).

A few words about the book

Odysseus and Calypso invite you on a wonderful journey of knowledge and wisdom!

The two friends travel back in time to get to know another of our precious heritages, the culture of Minoan Crete. In this beautiful book, one of our two heroes, Odysseus, is blind. This makes him different, but not inferior to the other children, who play equally with him in the alana, and not naturally inferior to his friend, Calypso, who is sighted and admires him for his knowledge and intelligence. So, with each of the two children’s unique skills, they go through life helping each other.

And the adventure begins!

Children will meet the Minotaur, Henry Schliemann, Theseus, Ariadne, merchants and painters of the Minoan era. In the eyes of our little heroes, the whole Minoan Civilization will come alive and the myths related to it will become a fairy tale with colorful images, sounds and smells. The special illustration, with many colors – as the Minoans liked it – attention to detail, with originality, love and respect for the child, invites the young reader to enjoy a journey of knowledge and wisdom. (From the presentation on the back cover of the book)

For children from 9 to 14 years old

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