Ukraine will join the EU and NATO once the war is over – 2024-02-24 19:49:49

Ukraine will join the EU and NATO, but cannot join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization while it is still at war with Russia, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said today.

“The message to Russia is clear: Ukraine will become a member of the European Union and then we will work to integrate Ukraine into NATO,” Tajani stressed at the Munich Security Conference. However, joining NATO is impossible while Ukraine is at war with Russia, he added.

“We have to be very prudent,” because having a full NATO member at war with Russia “means World War III,” the Italian foreign minister said.

At the same time he said that Italy is ready to offer more military aid to Ukraine. “We are ready to do more” economically, politically and militarily, he stressed.

Source: APE-MPE, Reuters

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