Anniversary of the death of the mayor of the cinema.. He lost his two sons to disease and war and donated to the Egyptian army

“Don’t cry.. I have lived my life hating the tears in your eyes, and I will not love them after my death.” Those were his last words. Salah Mansour To his wife while he was on his death bed, when he realized that these were his last moments, and his wife could not hold back her tears.

Salah Mansour was named the mayor of Egyptian cinema, after he embodied the role of Mayor Atman in the movie The Second Wife of Shukri Sarhan and Souad Hosni, that role that is considered a defining point in Mansour’s artistic life. Until now, and because of this role, Mansour remained confined to the roles of evil for a long time. Perhaps his sharp expressive gaze was also a reason for confining him to those roles.

Salah Mansour loved acting since his childhood and stood on the stage for the first time at the age of 15, when he performed the role of Hamlet, and joined the first batch of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, with whom Faten Hamama, Shukri Sarhan, Omar Al-Hariri and Farid Shawqi graduated, and perhaps his stardom was late for them despite his great talent until He has been playing small roles for a long time, but he always sought to leave a mark in those roles, even if they were silent roles, so we remember well when he played the crazy role with Ismail Yassin in the Lunatic Hospital.

Sons of Salah Mansour

Salah Mansour lived a sad life, where he lost two sons, the first of whom was a child, as he was suffering from atrophy in his organs, and Mansour began with him a journey of treatment, and he traveled to London every year until he completed his treatment journey until he spent all his money, so he sought treatment at the expense of the state, and indeed three months were spent for him, but they They refused to renew it, and on one occasion, while he was in London, we met with President Sadat, who asked him to treat his son at the expense of the state, and he agreed, so he asked him to write that approval. As for his second son, he was martyred in the October War. The Egyptian.

He could not bear all this grief and was afflicted with several diseases, and cancer took hold of him until he died on this day, leaving behind works that the history of Egyptian cinema will never forget.

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