“Northeast Farewell Tiantuan 2” is scheduled for the second day of the Lunar New Year, Cui Zhijia, Yu Yang and Song Xiaofeng, Liang Long and Sun Yue will bring you a happy new year-Qianlong.com China Capital Network

Source title: “Northeast Farewell Day Mission 2” is scheduled for the second day of the new year. Cui Zhijia Yu Yang and Song Xiaofeng Liang Long and Sun Yue will bring you a happy New Year’s Eve

Directed by Cui Zhijia, written by Cui Zhijia and Wang Ziyang, starring Cui Zhijia and Yu Yang, starring Zhang Qi, Li Kunying, Diao Biao, Xiao Bochen, Song Xiaofeng, Sun Yue, Second-hand Rose Band, Zhang Zidong, Daneng, Zhang Baiqiao, Li Hui The comedy film “Northeast Farewell to the Heavenly Mission 2” starring Chang Chang, Li Zongheng, Dong Desheng, Tang Ren, Yi Yunhe, Guzheng, Yila, Luo Ji, and Feng Lixian is scheduled to be released on the second day of the Lunar New Year (January 23) on Tencent Video exclusively on the entire network broadcast.

This film is the second part of the hit movie “Farewell to the Northeast” in 2022. It tells the story of the funeral shop owner Fan Dabai (played by Cui Zhijia) who received a big order from his competitor Zhao Dabai (played by Yu Yang). But after receiving the order, Zhao Daming got into a car accident and fell into a coma. While waiting for him to wake up, Fan Daming’s team dealt with all kinds of wonderful collaborators who came to him, and a series of ridiculous and unexpected stories happened.

Undertaking big orders with twists and turns, various “great gods” seek cooperation

Fan Da understands that his family dislikes him because of his special occupation and low income, but he still leads a team of four to work and live optimistically, calling himself an “industry group”. One day, his colleague Zhao Daming suddenly introduced him a large order, which is still a big job! Fan Daming was knocked out by “pie falling from the sky”, but before he could ask for details, Zhao Daming was hit by a car and fell into a coma after being hit by a car.

Farewell to Tiantuan while waiting for Zhao’s awakening, while happily preparing for their new career peak. As soon as the news spread, not only the peers were jealous, but also bands, calligraphers, and celebrities who had worked together before came to seek cooperation, and many hilarious jokes were made.

However, in the development of the story, Tiantuan finally discovered the secret behind this big order. What kind of mysterious person is willing to spend such a huge sum of money? And why did you find Fan Daming specifically? What kind of windfall did this experience bring to Farewell Tiantuan? All kinds of mysteries are very exciting!

Hilarious surprises reverse Sun Yue’s second-hand roses and contribute to the high-energy famous scene

“Northeast Farewell to the Heavenly Mission”, which will be launched in 2022, can be called a dark horse in the film industry. Not only has it become popular on many charts across the Internet, but it has also received a good Douban score. Its humorous and delicate style is deeply loved by movie fans. And this time “Northeast Farewell Tiantuan 2” is still a Northeast comedy full of laughs, relaxed and humorous. Farewell Tiantuan once again performed the story of receiving orders. The group was jealous of their peers, and the whole process was hilarious.

Compared with the first part, Fan Daming invited all kinds of great gods everywhere, this one is even more reversed. The second-hand rose band Liang Long led the whole band members to come out for an upgrade this time, and once again begged to sing death rock all night; Sun Yue, a celebrity star, took the initiative to ask for a video recording, gradually forming an industrial chain, and restoring the “N-line star” asking for sky-high prices on the spot; Zhang Zidong Calligraphy master Huang Ye played passionately, and the scene was very hot at one time… The communication process between Farewell Tiantuan and the teachers can be called “extreme pulling”, full of brains and jokes, and contributed the most famous scenes to the audience.

The film is a continuation of the first golden lineup, produced by a top comedy team. Director and screenwriter Cui Zhijia has many years of experience in comedy creation, and has participated in popular variety shows such as “Laughter Conference Room” and “Happy Comedian”, which can be called a talent. And his films “The King of Barbecue” and “Don’t Call Me Lover” are also well-received and well-received. At the same time, in addition to the second-hand rose band, Sun Yue, Zhang Zidong, etc., Yu Yang, who has appeared in “Diaosi Men 3” and “Sewing Machine Band”, continues to play Zhao Daming in the film, and Song Xiaofeng, who has appeared in “Country Love” and “Mr. Starring Niu Tough, guaranteeing the original cast and original taste.

In addition, this film also includes Internet celebrity blogger Da Neng, who will introduce you on the spot what top-level watches should be equipped by top people. In addition, Internet celebrities Zhang Baiqiao and Brother Tang Ren also made surprise appearances in the film. You present a steady stream of hilarious scenes, and the expectations are full!

Overall, “Northeast Farewell to the Heavenly Mission 2” is a comedy movie worth watching. It is guaranteed to make you happy for the new year and solve all your worries with a smile!

“Northeast Farewell Tiantuan 2” is produced by Shanghai Tencent Penguin Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jiaxi Culture Media Co., Ltd. The film will be exclusively broadcast on Tencent Video on the second day of the Lunar New Year (January 23), so stay tuned !

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