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It’s not surprising that there are bugs in the game, and they can be fixed, but there are always some bugs whose repairing priority is not high or low, and this delay may last for several years. After more than 3,000 days, the Mojang team finally fixed a 10-year-old Minecraft bug – damage jitter and mount charge.

Damage Shake Bug (MC-26678) was first discovered in July 2013, when the version was still 1.5.2, the main problem of this bug was the shaking of the player character when it was damaged, and it would not perform the correct shaking performance according to the direction of the damage. For example, if an arrow is shot from the front and hits, your character should be injured and retreat.

However, due to the bug, the shaking direction in the past could not correctly reflect the attacking direction of the enemy. According to YouTuber Shivaxi, it was because of a major revision of “Minecraft” when the single-player game map was also established on the online server. After that, an error occurred because the server did not pass the command to the client’s lens.

Although the damage shaking bug is not a serious problem (some people even said they didn’t notice it at all), it has always been discussed in the wheat block community, and some players have tried to make mods to fix it.latest today Java 23W03A After testing the snapshot version, the development team finally updated and fixed this bug.

As for another bug that has been delayed for 10 years to fix, it is the charge of the mount (MC-30403), also found in September 2013, its problem is that when the player presses cancel to change to a walking sprint while riding a mount charge, but the charge state is not actually reset, the player needs to stop and sprint to return to normal speed.

Indeed, the impact of these problems is not too serious, so the priority of repairing is naturally postponed, thanks to Mojang can still remember to fix the bug, so that those players who have been worrying about it can feel at ease, even if not every Every player has noticed it.

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