“Tears of the Kingdom” engineer Link builds a one-dimensional computer, Hyrule may enter the computer age | 4Gamers

2023-06-15 03:24:19 Many people think that the Zonau device in “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom” makes the game as fun as “Minecraft”. It should be a normal civilization development for Hyrule to make computers… Well, yes, it is really a computer. Just after the game was released last month, overseas player c7fab … Read more

These are the best-selling video games of all time » Leadersnet

| Alexander Schöpf | 05.03.2023 Games with freely accessible worlds land in the first two places. Video games have long outgrown children’s rooms and have arrived in mainstream society. Gaming is booming and has now developed into a gigantic business. This is also evidenced by the numbers of the best-selling video games, such as one … Read more

“Minecraft” version 1.20 joins the “Sakura Ecosystem”, 23w07a beta service is the first to enjoy the cherry blossoms! | 4Gamers

Mojang has announced the new information about the highly anticipated 1.20 revision of the next “Minecraft” Java version, which will bring pink surprises and cherry blossom ecosystems to global wheat block players, and this new content has already appeared in the “23w07a” beta version. Yes, this pink cherry tree is a new plant that will … Read more

Does gaming in the summer heat ruin your smartphone?

It’s summer, it’s been VERY hot lately. Some people have air conditioning, others have to settle for the classic fan. But in the midst of hell that is this Brazilian heat, the following question arises: can I use my cell phone at this temperature without damaging it? Or rather, can I play without worrying about … Read more

8K physics mode Minecraft implemented with RTX 4090, graphics showcase video eye-catching

Minecraft’s graphics in vanilla state are not so great, but it has shown a lot of changes with the application of various modes and upgraded graphics. A new video with 8K resolution produced by German artist and YouTuber ‘Digital Dreams’, Minecraft Physics Mode Pro is attracting attention by showing Minecraft’s graphics to a higher level. … Read more

“Minecraft” 1.20 previews camels and bamboo and wood buildings, “Minecraft: Legend” tower defense war announced | 4Gamers

“Minecraft Live 2022” held on October 16th officially released the information on the next phase of the revision of “Minecraft” Java version 1.20, releasing the upcoming new creatures “camel” and bamboo and wood blocks, and also brought a new work “I Minecraft: Legends’ gameplay. This Minecraft 1.20 update focuses on the camel. He is a … Read more