Sustainable panels from “Emirates Aluminum” in the “BMW i7″…

Date 11/25/2022 10:00:26 PM (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) The Arabian Gulf Mechanical Center, the exclusive agent and authorized distributor of the BMW Group in Dubai, Sharjah and the northern regions, announced the launch of the all-new BMW 7 Series and i7. In conjunction with this announcement, the company also launched a full lineup of luxury cars, such … Read more

Dubai real estate sales in 10 months exceed 2020 and 2021 together.

Date 11/24/2022 7:24:13 PM (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) The monitoring of the “Economic Statement” of the data of the Dubai Land Department showed that Dubai real estate recorded, from the beginning of 2022 until yesterday, 86,554 transactions, at a value of 235.6 billion dirhams, exceeding the total sales recorded during the past two years together, which amounted … Read more

The flagship and trendy smartphones that are a must-have for 2022

Date 11/23/2022 2:08:49 PM (MENAFN– Al Watan) Today, you can get your hands on some phones that offer features that you will only see in flagship phones, and cover all your needs: be it great designs, amazing cameras, incredible charging speed, amazing screens, fast and smooth operations with lots of storage space. We like to … Read more

A conference in Dubai discusses ways to make the UAE an integrated global market for…

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan) Dubai witnessed the launch of the “World Gold Conference 2022”, which is the largest international event specialized in the gold industry at the level of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Middle East region, under the slogan “Let’s make the UAE an integrated global market in gold.” World gold industry leaders from … Read more

The Federation of Banks issues the new issue of the Banks Magazine for the month of October…

Date 11/19/2022 11:00:14 PM (MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) The Association of Kuwait Banks issued the new issue of “The Banks Magazine” for the month of October 2022, including special coverage on the participation of Kuwaiti banks in the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group for the year 2022 in the American … Read more

Goldman Sachs: A few chapters separate us from the top of the dollar

Date 11/19/2022 6:01:32 PM (MENAFN– Al-Bayan) Goldman Sachs said that reaching the peak of the dollar’s performance remains a few more quarters away, with increasing speculation about the end of the US currency’s rally. US investment bank analysts said in a research note that based on historical cycles, the peak of the US dollar usually … Read more