Another mysterious monolith appears … this time in Canada | Society

A mysterious monolith – similar to those that already appeared briefly in the United States, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania – now made an appearance in Toronto, Canada, according to local press this Friday.

A four-meter-high structure, made of shiny metal and apparently hollow, was located on the city’s shoreline on New Year’s Eve.

It is not the first to appear in the country, with other structures already reported in Vancouver and Winnipeg.

Images disclosed on social networks, in which he is described as “Mono-terrific”, shown with downtown Toronto behind it, including the famous “CN Tower” building.

CTV News Toronto

Local residents were a bit confused and eager to get their photo taken at the installation that many consider to be a work of art left by aliens or a promotion for an upcoming movie.

Others are concerned that the monolith will draw crowds to the Humber Bay area, thus skipping the recommendations of authorities to stay in their homes in order to stop the spread of COVID-19.

No one has claimed responsibility for this monolith or any of the others that appeared in different parts of the world and then disappeared.

The structure was vandalized with red paint on Friday.

The first monolith, which was sighted last November in the desert of Utah, United States, attracted world attention, in particular because many saw in the structure a resemblance to the extraterrestrial monoliths that catalyze the progress of humanity in the film “2001 A Space Odyssey ”by director Stanley Kubrick.


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