Anson Lo’s new song incarnation of vampire gods fights to be bitten

Sing Tao Daily Photo


Sing Tao Daily Photo

[Sing Tao Daily report]MIRROR members released new songs successively in February this year. After Ian (Chen Zhuoxian) and Jeremy (Li Junjie) released their solo singles, the third shot is the “leader” Anson Lo (Lu Hanting).

The leader announced on the social network the night before that the new song “Mr. Stranger” will be released today (25th), and the MV will premiere on MIRROR’s official YouTube Channel at 9 pm on the same day. He also took the lead in exposing the photo of the new song, in which he saw the leader incarnated as a vampire with red eyes, and wrote in a message: “Mr. Stranger” is a vampire theme this time. Are you looking forward to it?” Fans (nicknames) are all looking forward to it, and they praised the leader for his good looks, and some people laughed and said: “Bite me!”, “I want to make you suck your blood”, even Zheng Xinyi also commented “OMG…” and Jeremy also commented Like: “Cool”.

■ Even brothers Jeremy and Xin Yi praised the new look of the leader.

■The sect leader’s vampire shape is stylish and a little evil, attracting a group of fans to death.


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