“Guy-Haru” makes a YouTube channel, more than a million followers, simple content. just be yourself

Can’t bang for youtube channel “Guy Haru Family” of the family “Gay-Haru” At the latest, it has 1.47 million followers, plus each clip is extraordinary, with millions of views. Both of them had opened their hearts to say that “Growing up in the entertainment industry with a lot of limitations When I came across Youtube So I feel that it’s a very good platform. Showing our identity, being free

for “Guy Haru Family” It tells the story of family lifestyle. Express yourself, such as where we go today, what we do, as if it were something simple. do everything normal Just take more clips and look at the list on social media. no right or wrong We can’t answer what content to do and then bang. We just take the experience in the industry that we have been in the past and apply it. Today we can do it easily.

“Kai Ratchachanon Suprakob” Enter the entertainment industry Played the first drama in 2006. “Haru” Entered the industry by being the host of the Strawberry Cheesecake program in 2006 before the two got married on August 11, 2013 at the Renaissance Hotel. After being in a relationship for 4 years and having 3 children together. Nong Kirin, Nong Naira, Nong Eden

"Guy-Haru" Make a YouTube channel. More than a million followers. Easy content.  just be yourself


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