Anyone who is registered in the electoral rolls has the possibility to request a postal vote 2024-02-22 05:28:57

Citizens living in Greece enter the platform with the taxi codes, while Greeks abroad also use their passport details. The process will be active until April 29.

“Any citizen who is registered in the electoral rolls, has the possibility to request a postal vote, while if there is any problem, the voters in Greece can turn to the KEP and abroad to the local consulates”, explained the Minister of the Interior.

The process is simple and is as follows. The citizen states where he will be in May and at which address he will receive the letter from the Ministry of the Interior, fills it in and sends it back registered by courier and free of charge, to the pre-filled address.

Particular attention is required on the date of dispatch as the relevant file must be received by Saturday 8 June, the eve of the European elections, otherwise the application is considered invalid.

In the event that the file has not reached the citizen by June 8, new supplementary lists will be issued and those who had requested a postal vote will be able to go to the polling stations after 11.00 in the morning.

The activation of the platform marks the establishment, for the first time in Greece, of postal voting as a means of facilitating the exercise of voters’ right to vote for the European elections and national referenda. This is a substantial opening to the ubiquitous Hellenism by the abolition of all practical obstacles to the exercise of the right to vote of Greek citizens, wherever they are.

Commenting on the assumption of responsibility for the package bomb in the Thessaloniki courts, the Minister of the Interior described the threat against the appeals prosecutor as unimaginable, noting that the authorities will do what is required. “We have at the helm of the Ministry of Citizen Protection a man with enormous experience,” he said characteristically. Wallet: The new applications that “enter” the wallet from today

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