App Bind to Cell Phone, Windows 11, can facilitate stalking

2023-05-19 18:22:04

About a month ago, the application Link to Mobiledo Windows 11, started to release iOS compatibility for everyone. The app allows you to see notifications, messages (including iMessage), as well as make/receive calls from your computer. The solution works around Apple’s limitations by communicating with the iPhone through the Bluetoothsimilar to automotive systems.

Occurs that, according to cybersecurity firm Sure Software, this “gambiarra” can facilitate the actions of malicious people. As the pairing process between smartphone and computer is quite simple, it is not uncommon for someone close to you to take your iPhone and pair it with a computer, gaining access to your messages, contacts and notifications without you noticing. .

It is necessary, it is worth noting, that the person has physical access to your device, download the Connect to Windows app on the iPhone and pair it with the PC via Bluetooth, all this at a minimum distance, due to the range of the connection. However, if the stalker succeed, your action may go unnoticed by the victim, as there are not so clear signs that your iPhone is connected to Link to iPhone.

Although only notifications that were received after pairing are shown, the content is displayed by the app even with the device locked, which can increase the vulnerability. Various information from your device can be exposed if it is connected to someone else’s computer by default.

In this sense, in addition to taking care of your iPhone when you are in the presence of other people — especially those with a Windows computer — it is important to periodically check your Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone in Settings, especially those with access to notifications.

If you find any unknown or suspicious device, just select the option to forget the device. If you don’t use any Bluetooth devices, leaving the feature off is ideal, as this prevents it from being misused and makes it easier to tell something is wrong. It’s also worth keeping an eye on recently downloaded apps on your iPhone and, who knows, reviewing their permissions.

Also according to Certo Software, there are already reports that this gap is being exploited in the domestic environment, considering that there is a need for physical access to the device to be exploited. Therefore, it is good to be careful to prevent someone from having access to your information without you even knowing. ????

via TechRepublic

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