Apple’s Highly Anticipated 3rd Generation Apple Pencil to Debut on the 17th!

2023-10-17 11:50:00

<애플이 오는 17일 애플펜슬 3세대를 선보일 것이라는 전망이 나왔다. 사진=트위터 Majin Bu>

It is predicted that Apple will introduce the 3rd generation Apple Pencil on the 17th. If the Apple Pencil is released, it will be 5 years after the launch of the 2nd generation in 2018. According to MacRumors, an Apple media outlet, on the 15th (local time), Japanese Apple blogger Mac Otaka said that Apple will announce the launch of the 3rd generation of the Apple Pencil this week. Several IT media outlets previously predicted that the next-generation iPad Air, mini, and entry-level iPad models would be released this week. However, Mac Okatara cited IT tipster Majin Bu’s Twitter on the 30th of last month. He said that there is a high possibility that the 3rd generation Apple Pencil will be released in 2018. Margin Department released an expected rendering image of the 3rd generation Apple Pencil through Twitter. He went on to say, “The 3rd generation Apple Pencil features a replaceable magnetic tip for drawing, technical drawing, and digital painting.” Meanwhile, Apple first introduced the Apple Pencil in November 2015, and launched it in October 2018. After the release of the next generation, the next-generation Apple Pencil has not been released until now. E-Newspaper Internet Reporter Lee Won-ji [email protected]

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