Army Unit Conducts Successful House Raids and Arrests in the Gold Market Shooting Case: Updates and Investigations

2023-07-07 19:26:00

The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation announced that “on 6 and 7/7/2023, an army unit, supported by a patrol from the Intelligence Directorate in the Al-Tarabea – Tripoli area, carried out house raids and pursued and arrested citizens for their involvement in a dispute and shooting in the Gold Market area between the citizen (N. A.) And a number of people, as a result of which the aforementioned citizen was injured, and a woman was injured and another person was killed.

She added, “In this context, the two citizens (A.G.) and (M.A.) were arrested among the shooters, and military weapons and a quantity of ammunition were seized. The seizures were handed over and investigations were launched with the two detainees, and follow-up is underway to arrest the rest of those involved.”

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