AstraZeneca & SEAP Collaboration Promoting Precision Medicine in Cancer Diagnosis: The Latest News & Developments

2023-11-21 05:01:59

A good cancer diagnosis is essential for adequate treatment. The Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy (Seap) and AstraZeneca have signed a collaboration framework agreement to promote precision medicine in Spain, with the aim of finding the correct diagnosis of cancer in each patient.

The agreement between both entities will facilitate training, research and development of scientific knowledge to promote the implementation of precision medicine in pathological anatomy. Furthermore, it will allow Collaborate in the design of strategies and projects that promote research, healthcare diagnosis and the implementation of quality regulations that facilitate equitable access to a molecular diagnosis for each patient.

Ana Peiró, medical director of Oncology at AstraZeneca, highlights the entity’s objective regarding the collaboration agreement, which seeks to “chronicle or cure cancer and eliminate it as a cause of deathbut to achieve this it is essential to know the surnames of each of the tumors we face: only in this way can we find the most appropriate treatment for each tumor in each patient,” adds Peiró.

For his part, Dr. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, president of Seap, points out that “to a correct anatomopathological diagnosis is added the complexity of the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cancer, as well as detecting and identifying biomarkers and therapeutic targets, in each tumor and in each patient; For this reason, we are excited about this new agreement that, without a doubt, will improve our knowledge of this disease, allowing an optimal approach for patients,” explains Dr. Ramón y Cajal.

AstraZeneca reported last April that they are developing drugs against ovarian and lung cancer. In addition, the British pharmaceutical company has been developing six new clinical trials that are in phase 3 and plans to start another thirty in the coming months.

The pharmaceutical closed the first fiscal year 2023 with a profit of 2,181 million dollarsfive times more than in the same period of 2022. In addition, he reported that, without counting the additional profits from the various investments, obtained 1,803 million dollars of net profits attributed to shareholdersfour times more than the previous year.

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