Attacks against the quality of medical training | Opinion

Percy Mayta-Tristán

open science

Lima, 1981. Research Director of the Scientific University of the South. San Fernandino doctor, RENACYT researcher, university professor, scientific editor, aquarist, cat dad and Daniel’s life partner. He has more than 100 scientific publications in Scopus, member of the SciELO Peru Committee.

“The University Law and the licensing process at the institutional level have meant an improvement for Peruvian universities and have contributed to the increase in scientific production, with the process for medicine the same is expected to happen.”

In 2003, the Peruvian Association of Faculties of Medicine (ASPEFAM) implemented the national medical exam (ENAM) to assess the skills of future doctors. A recent study (Mendoza-Chuctaya et al.) analyzed the results of the last decade and found that one in three future doctors did not pass the ENAM and in 7 universities more than 50% of their graduates were disapproved.

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