Flor Pablo: “It is time for citizen mobilization to make Congress aware of its serious error” | Sunedu | university counter reform | Politics

The congresswoman of the Purple Party and former Minister of Education flower paul points out that the government must make more forceful gestures against the university counter-reform law. He demanded that peter castle try to convince congressmen to Free Perubecause with your votes what was approved this week could be stopped. President Pedro Castillo has … Read more

Congress | Now universities will be part of Sunedu and decide on licensing | University Law | University Reform | NMR | PERU

Lima, 04/05/2022 05:53 p.m. The plenary session of the Congress of the Republic approved this Wednesday, in a second vote, the project that supposedly “reestablishes the autonomy and institutionality of Peruvian universities”, but which many specialists consider weakens the National Superintendence of Higher University Education (Sunedu). ). With 68 votes in favor, 39 against and … Read more

Attacks against the quality of medical training | Opinion

Percy Mayta-Trist├ín open science Lima, 1981. Research Director of the Scientific University of the South. San Fernandino doctor, RENACYT researcher, university professor, scientific editor, aquarist, cat dad and Daniel’s life partner. He has more than 100 scientific publications in Scopus, member of the SciELO Peru Committee. 20 Feb 2022Updated on February 20, 2022 | 8:11 … Read more