Austrian integration summit starts on Tuesday (sold out)

2023-12-03 15:15:10

This year the Austrian Integration Summit will take place at the WU Vienna. The event has already sold out, but you can attend via live stream.

Vienna (OTS) Representatives of NGOs, politics, science and other actors from various areas meet at WU Vienna to exchange views on two important topics: labor migration and sport. Also present: Vice Chancellor Kogler and WU Rector Rupert Sausgruber. Federal President Van der Bellen, AK President Renate Anderl, SPÖ party leader Andreas Babler, NEOS party leader Beate Meinl-Reisinger and FPÖ security spokesman Hannes Amesbauer are also represented with video messages.

The channel OKTO will broadcast the event live on Tuesday from 9:00 a.m.:

AK-Anderl: “Have a say – regardless of origin”
Renate Anderl, AK President: “As a partner of the integration summit, the Chamber of Labor advocates for more justice every day, for all people in Austria, regardless of where they come from. Many companies are desperately looking for skilled workers and workers, but there is not enough It is fair that the training and qualifications of immigrant workers are not recognized. People who have completed their training in Austria should also be offered better prospects for employment in Austria. It is also unfair that people who live here , work and pay taxes, are excluded from most elections. All employees are allowed to vote in the AK elections, regardless of their citizenship. The Chamber of Labor wants everyone to have the opportunity to get involved and have a say – regardless of their origin.

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Campaign “Austria.We”
As part of the 2023 Integration Summit, the New Austrian Organizations and partners launched the “Österreich.Wir” campaign. Video with Renate Anderl, President of the Chamber of Labor:

Integration summit program:


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