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Reporter Huang Weifen/Comprehensive Report

The artist Axi (Lin Yupin) debuted as an internet celebrity in 2012. After that, she became a star. She not only released songs but also stepped into the role of an actress. She can be seen in TV series and movies. A few days ago, she was photographed interacting with the male star Wu Zun (Xie Junyi), and the two sides confessed their love in a low-key manner. They also said that because of filming together, they had seen each other’s parents backstage, which made many fans offer their blessings. Recently, she celebrated her 35th birthday, generously. Hot and beautiful photos were posted on social networking sites, causing heated discussions.

▲Axi was photographed interacting intimately with Wuzun. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Axilin Yupin)

On the late night of the 25th, Axi updated the recent situation on the social networking site, and emotionally wrote, “I have been born for a day, I look forward to getting closer and closer to the self I like. It can be sweet or salty, I can choose by myself, it can be crazy or cute, I can switch freely.” , It turned out that it was her 35th birthday on the 24th that she would write down her expectations in a meaningful way, hoping that her future self could show a different appearance and be more freely herself.

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▲Axi's 35th birthday with

▲Axi’s 35th birthday took a beautiful photo in the bath. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Axilin Yupin)

Not only that, Axi also posted two pictures of taking a bath in the bathtub in a post celebrating her 35th birthday. She was naked and sitting in the bathtub, facing the camera from a sideways angle. Due to the naked upper body, she was also rounded. The proud double-peaked breast shape is unobstructed at a glance, and the beautiful body curve is also quite sexy and hot, so many artists and friends have responded one after another. “Wow ah ah ah ah, I like salty sweet salty sweet”.

▲Axi's 35th birthday with

▲Axi’s upper body is completely empty and sideways into the mirror, and the round breast shape is completely seen. (Photo/Retrieved from Facebook/Axilin Yupin)

In addition, Axi’s series of sexy nude bath photos also sparked discussions among many netizens. In addition to congratulating her on her happy birthday, they also asked curiously, “Where is Wuzun?” and “Will the beautiful photos be Wuzun? Take it”, “Should the photographer give in?”, “Such a sexy picture, wouldn’t photography be too happy?”, “It’s too reverie”, “It must be a disrespectful perspective”, causing a lot of heat discussion.

▲ Wuzun received a fraudulent message.  (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / sonic_jeff0326)

▲ Netizens madly guessed that Axi’s spicy photo was taken by her boyfriend Wuzun. (Picture / Retrieved from Instagram / sonic_jeff0326)

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