Bad habits for back health – beware

03:30 PM

Saturday 13 August 2022

I wrote – Hoda Abdel Nasser:

Practicing some wrong habits leads to back problems, including lower back pain and others, so you should pay attention to many things that affect the health of the back.

In the following report, the “Consulto” reviews the most prominent wrong habits that harm the health of the back, according to the “Webmd” website.

Habits that cause back problems

1- Bending when sitting

Bending forward increases pressure on the lower back, so the back and neck must be gently moved up, down, right and left every half an hour, to relieve pain and spasms that can occur, and ice bags or a warm pillow can be used on the affected area, and if the pain persists, it is preferable Consult a specialist doctor.

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2- Excessive consumption of sweets

Choosing the wrong foods can cause inflammation and a lack of nutrients, and the body usually needs lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats found in avocados and salmon, in addition to the need to stay away from excessive sweets.

3- Smoking

Smoking can cause lower back pain, as a result of the lack of blood flow to this area, and thus increase the chances of developing weak bones and fragility, so it is preferable to avoid smoking completely, in order to avoid the emergence of any complications.

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4- Eat fatty meals

Weight gain usually results from excessive eating of fatty meals, which causes stress to the bones and muscles in the back, and therefore it is better to eat slowly to get fewer calories, in addition to the necessity of replacing cheese and fried foods with vegetables and fruits.

5- Wearing the wrong shoes

People should wear appropriate shoes when walking and during exercise, and avoid wearing high-heeled shoes for long periods, and other things that cause damage to the lower back and spine.

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