Baja Mall’s pre-order rankings for the week of June 27th “Monster Hunter Story 2” topped the list

There are a lot of game information released every week. I believe many friends want to know which games are already available for pre-order? Which games are coming soon? Which new work other players are most looking forward to? In order to help players purchase games more conveniently, GNN will publish the weekly physical pre-order rankings of the Baja Mall for the players’ reference.

Leaderboard rules description

※ Pre-order statistical interval: from the opening of pre-order products to the current ranking update (cumulative)

※ Ranking update time: every Sunday morning at 8:00

※ Multi-version products will be counted in the same item (accounting for one ranking), and different platforms will be counted separately

※ Products (peripheral products, etc.) connected to the same data center will be counted in the same item (accounting for one ranking)

※ Exclude products that have been removed from the shelves

With “Monster hunter》A turn-based RPG game based on the series of IP》Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Destruction》On June 25th, the experience version of the stored data that can be inherited to the official version was released. Players can finally personally contact and judge whether this work suits their tastes, and the amount of pre-orders seems to have increased a lot as a result.

And the “Goddess Reincarnation V“This issue rushed to the 6th place with a vigorous momentum, and it happened that the official announced today more introductions, whether it is the protagonist who likes to be beautiful and elegant, the strong and mysterious man , or the voice of Naomi Osora < Phantom>Tiannimei, you can find the details in the newly released report.

On the other hand, the “The Legend of Zelda Royal Sword HD“A new introductory video was also released last week, detailing the adventure stage and the background of the story, and demonstrating how to use the motion sensing of the Joy-Con controller to operate Link’s sword swing and shield (key operation is also supported). There are also a series of convenient items that can be obtained during the adventure, such as beetles, soft whips, bombs, claws, Mogma gloves, magic pots, bows and arrows, etc. Link will solve various organ puzzles with the help of props and face numerous trials and challenges in the sky and the earth.

※ The 7th “Monster Hunter Rise“, the 10th “War ghost on horse“Because the peripheral products have not been shipped yet, and they are combined under the calculation of the works, so even though they are already on the market, they still enter the list.

Baja Mall entity pre-order ranking


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