Bank credit increases in June

The growth of loans to private corporations decelerated from 6.2% to 6%, while the decline in loans to public non-financial corporations accelerated from 10.2% to 10.5% and the growth of loans to households accelerated to 3.6%, specifies the Central Bank. The breakdown by economic purpose of credits allocated to the non-financial sector shows an increase in cash facilities of 10.6% after 12.2%, an attenuation of the decline in equipment loans to 2.5% after 3, 1%, as well as a virtual stagnation of real estate loans at 2.1% and consumer loans at 3.2%. With regard to outstanding debts, their annual growth rate fell to 4.8% after 5.7% and the ratio of these debts to credit stood at 8.4%.

By branch of activity, quarterly data, between the first and second quarters of 2022, show stagnation at 4% in the annual growth of overall bank credit, mainly covering increases of 12.3% in credit to “manufacturing industries “, 12.5% ​​of loans to “trade, car repairs and household items” and 29.8% of loans to the “Electricity, gas and water” branch, a drop of 9.2% in loans to “Building and Public Works” and an attenuation of the decline in assistance to “Transport and Communications” to 10%.

On a monthly basis, bank credit to the SNF increased by 1.6%, with an increase of 4.4% in cash facilities, 0.3% in equipment loans, 0.6% in real estate loans and 0.9% of consumer loans.

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