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The Federation of Liberal Professions Syndicates considered that the decision of the Association of Banks in Lebanon to announce the strike of banks operating in Lebanon “contradicts the law and the simplest rules of human rights.” He said in a statement: “The reasons mentioned in the body of the decision that led to its adoption do not give the banks any legal right to close, but rather it is an abuse of the right to strike, misuse of the dominant position, and a process of blackmail and bargaining directed at depositors, the right holders, the judiciary and the state together. When the association accuses the judiciary of issuing arbitrary and populist rulings, it has struck at the wall of the applicant’s freedom to claim his rights through the competent judiciary, as it has struck the judiciary from a legal and scientific point of view, betrayed it, and exposed its independence when its rulings conflict with its interests. And then it comes to threaten the citizen and the depositor with the crumbs of his money, which has essentially evaporated as a result of the policies and practices of the banking sector, headed by the Association of Banks, all of that in order to protect and cover bankers who refused to take responsibility for the collapse, at least with the mistakes and consequences attributed to them and punished by the laws and regulations in force.

He added: “Has the Association of Banks or its legal agents forgotten or forgotten the principle of the constitutionally enshrined separation of powers? Or do you want someone to mention what are the effects of the contempt of court abroad? Or do you seek to bring the situation to the point of despairing the depositors of the possibility of accessing legal and legal solutions, and thus urging them to obtain their rights directly by force, similar to Mr. Abdullah Al-Sa’i? And has the Association of Banks forgotten or has it forgotten that the dignity and reputation of all citizens who are depositors are trampled and hit every day at the doors of banks, their rights are digested, and the rest of their life reaping evaporates without any sense of guilt or responsibility on their part, or bear the burden of losses by their owners as a result of reckless policies and irrational management on their part? Over two and a half decades? Or does it need to be reminded that the situation has reached this level and the prospects are blocked due to its rejection of all the objective solutions offered to restructure and purify the sector and re-launch the economic wheel… Not to mention its failure to move still to return the money deposited in the trust then to the depositors, but on the contrary, it sabotaged the recovery plan and any A way to reach a solution to the banking sector issue.

The union stated that “the depositor has every right to exercise the rights granted to him in the constitution and laws, such as his right to litigation and to claim his rights, and the bank has the right to defend its point of view and its practices in the judiciary.” He said: “As for the threat of a strike, it will not affect and will not frighten the depositor, as the banks have become just a mailbox and an executive ATM for the circulars of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, in order to evade accountability and charge the depositor with all the losses resulting from the violations, financial engineering and obscene interests that they reaped and committed in solidarity and solidarity with The governor of the Banque du Liban and the corrupt and corrupt politicians.”

Source: National Media Agency

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