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(Photo = Lotte Entertainment)

(Seoul = NSP Communications) Reporter Lee Bok-hyun = ‘Transformers: The Beast’s Prelude’ confirmed its release in June 2023 and released the first poster and trailer.

‘Transformers’ returns in 2023 with a completely new and powerful new ‘Transformers: Beast’s Prelude’.

Transformers has so far recorded a whopping $4.8 billion in box office revenue worldwide with a total of six films, including five Transformers series and spin-off ‘Bumblebee’.

The new ‘Transformers: Beast’s Rise’ will showcase the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons taking place on Earth in the 1990s, as well as a new character, Maximal.

The first poster released this time catches the eye at once with the appearance of the Autobot emblem representing Transformers.

  (Photo = Lotte Entertainment)

(Photo = Lotte Entertainment)

In addition, the first trailer released together shows the appearance of not only Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, which are nice to see, but also Maximal, a new character that draws attention. Hara’ is combined to realize the upgraded worldview of the Transformers series.

In particular, this trailer, which gives a glimpse of the sensuous direction of Hollywood’s rising director Steven Caple Jr., who caught the megaphone, is cast in the Marvel series ‘Iron Heart’ and has been recognized for its potential, including Anthony Ramos and Dominic Fishback. double the freshness.

In addition, director Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay, who has led the box office myth of the Transformers series, participated in production and planning, raising expectations that it will provide more completeness and fun.

Reporter Lee Bok-hyeon, NSP News [email protected]
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