Because of a tree, he got a job.. A citizen saw a strange story while he was searching for a job at a company’s headquarters in Makkah

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A citizen narrated the story of his obtaining an additional job, which enabled him to live at the same financial level, after he watered a small tree sapling on a public road in Makkah.

And the citizen said, in a video clip that he shared through the “Tik Tok” application, that he went to apply for an additional job in a company, whose management headquarters is in Makkah, and during that, he found a small tree, and he watered it with water, calculating the reward for watering it with God to give him a job that suits him.

And the citizen said: “When I bribed her with water, I said, ‘Oh God, make her reward that you employ me in the place that suits my situation and status, and a place that preserves my dignity.'”

He added that, after only 3 weeks had passed, God blessed him with a job in a reputable company, apparently in the clip, saying: “Look, our Lord brought me here.”

He explained that he was initially employed in the first floor, and then moved to the upper floor (the fourth or fifth), commenting: God blessed me with co-workers beyond what you can imagine.

He advised the citizen, others, to do the same, and to invest in the public street, in watering the crops or delivering a person for a ride, or the like, and to ask God to make the reward for what they did of good in fulfilling their needs.

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