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2023-07-18 09:13:09

On the other hand, the level of income is a factor in the persistence of the infestation because the fight can be costly, €866 on average per household. Beyond the cost of the fight, the victims of infestation are sometimes afraid of being stigmatized, which can prevent them from talking about it and putting in place rapid actions to prevent their dispersal. Thus, the Agency recommends working at a mandatory reporting mechanism and the accompaniment of individuals by a indemnificationa fortiori for low-income households.

An economic and health cost for French households that exceeds €300 million per year

The Agency has also calculated the cost of the fight on a national scale for French households alone. It reached 1.4 billion euros for the period 2017-2022, or 230 million euros per year on average.

Added to this cost is the cost of the health consequences of bed bug infestations. Indeed, if bedbugs do not transmit disease, their presence can have psychological effects and impact the well-being of people who are victims of infestation in their homes.

In 2019, the health cost represented 83 million euros for the Frenchincluding 79 million euros associated with a decline in quality of life, sleep disorders and impacts on mental health, 1 million euros related to work stoppages and approximately 3 million euros for healthcare physical.

Prioritize non-chemical control methods

Whether the fight is carried out by individuals or professionals, the Agency recommends giving priority to non-chemical methodsas the treatment with dry heat or freezing. If both are considered effective, heat treatment can be used to treat an entire room, while freezing is more suitable for infested clothing or small items.

The use of chemicals can cause poisoning, increase resistance to insecticides and therefore reduce their effectiveness and, more generally, contribute to polluting the environment. However, if the infestation persists, the pest control professionals may use chemicals whose efficacy and risks have been assessed as part of a marketing authorization.

Before applying any treatment whatsoever, ANSES reiterates that it is necessary to clean, vacuum and put away the infested room.

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