Belgians in Israel: Flight Updates and Defense Support Available – Latest News and Updates

2023-10-13 06:20:00

The only flight planned for the moment, while 13,000 Belgians are currently in Israel, but Defense remains available to these nationals if necessary, specifies Ludivine Dedonder.

Risks for the Jewish community in Belgium? “Our intelligence and security services are monitoring the situation closely. For the moment the level of threat issued by Ocam remains unchanged,” indicates the minister.

De Croo on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Belgium: “No tolerance for demonstrations that incite hatred”

The Israeli army ordered the evacuation of some 1.1 million residents from the northern Gaza Strip to the south within 24 hours. For Ludivine Dedonder, it is normal for Israel to defend itself after “the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas”, but she calls for respect for the civilian populations, collateral victims in this conflict. “We ask to spare the civilian populations.”

“Hamas certainly does not serve the Palestinian cause. I am very worried about the continuation of this conflict, both regionally and internationally. We call on the EU to begin dialogues to achieve an immediate ceasefire,” declared the socialist, who believes that humanitarian aid to the Palestinians should not be suspended.

F-16 to Ukraine

The minister then returned to the saga of sending F-16s to Ukraine, which could be done from 2025, when Belgium will have made progress on the state of its F-35s.

Cacophony and uncertainties over the delivery of F-16s to Ukraine: “Hadja Lahbib and Ludivine Dedonder are jostling”
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