Belgium’s Troubling Approach to Asylum Seekers: A Deep Dive into Controversial Policies and Legal Consequences

2023-09-21 19:02:00

“Belgium is a rogue state in terms of welcoming asylum seekers. I’m sorry, I have no other words,” he said during RTBF’s Jeudi en Prime program .

Mr. De Smet recalled that the government’s policy in managing the asylum crisis had led to “17,000 convictions” in court and “fines amounting to 37 million” euros.

“Above all, we have a Secretary of State who admits not to respect the law despite the injunction of the Council of State and who even makes a political argument – that’s my interpretation – consisting of saying: ‘look We cannot welcome everyone, so don’t come. She simply does not have the right to refuse to welcome single men,” added the president of the Amarante party.

“She is outside the law and I do not understand why her partners (within the federal government) let her do this,” continued Mr. De Smet, who worked in the migration department of the Center for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism (became Unia).

However, he recognized that “it (the State Secretariat for Asylum and Migration) is undoubtedly the most difficult department to manage”.

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