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benefits “Cochlear implant surgery” for “Thai children with hearing impairment” | Hfocus.org Insights into the health system

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The Golden Card Fund recognizes children born with hearing impairments. causing a loss of opportunity for good development equal to that of normal children Therefore, it has given 2 benefits for Thai children.
“Hearing screening services” in all newborn babies; and
“Cochlear implant surgery service” for children who have been screened for hearing impairment

In this regard, receiving surgery on the implant side Must be a Thai child under 5 years of age with a hearing level of 90 decibels or more. never practiced sign language and there is an indication from the doctor to have surgery

Surgical treatment is required “Cochlear Implant Kit” consists of 2 parts:
– An in vivo device consisting of a receiver and a multi-electrode array of 12 electrodes or more.
– Equipment outside the body, including
1. speech processor
2. Relay coil and magnet
3. The power cable connects the speech processor to the coilcable.
4. New rechargeable battery (rechargeable battery) at least 2 sets with a charger
5. There is a Data Logging system to be able to know whether the patient is using it or not.
6. There is a water protection system that is not lower than the standard. International Protection 57 and above
7. At least 2 microphones (omni direction)
8. There is a moisture-proof baking box.

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All Thai newborns, all rights, will be screened for their hearing under the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Service. National Health Security Fund In the event that an abnormality is found and doctors diagnose indications for surgical treatment “Cochlear Implant Side” Thai children with “gold patents” will receive care for both the service fee and the cost of the cochlear implant kit by the National Health Security Fund.

For more information, please contact

1. NHSO hotline 1330
2. Online channels
• LINE NHSO Type Line ID @nhso or click https://lin.ee/zzn3pU6
• Facebook : National Health Security Office https://www.facebook.com/NHSO.Thailand

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