Benefits of vitamin D for good health and beauty

Dr. Liliana Fung: vitamin D in adulthood

The internist and endocrinologist Liliana Fung assures that the consumption of vitamin D in adult life helps prevent several diseases at this stage of the human being: it prevents diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular and brain problems.

According to the expert, this nutrient strengthens the digestive and respiratory systems as well as the immune system.

Dra. Verónica Liendo: vitamin D in rheumatic diseases

The rheumatology specialist explains that this hormone reduces pain caused by diseases associated with osteoarthritis, diabetic neuropathy, low back pain due to obesity and cancer.

In the case of women, the doctor highlights that vitamin D also reduces menstrual pain.

Dra. Carmen Navarro: vitamin D in the fertility process

For her part, gynecologist Carmen Navarro underlines the importance of the nutrient in the hormonal cycle. “Vitamin D is important in everything that has to do with the hormonal cycle. Starting from the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, ovaries, which controls the hormones so that they are perfect and generate good ovulation, good endometrial receptivity… vitamin D It has a very important role in the entire cascade of hormonal synthesis, which stimulates enzymes, cell receptors so that they can perform very well from the metabolic point of view of the entire process that has to do with the ovulation hormone”, explains the specialist to DIARIO LAS AMERICAS.

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The doctors made their statements from the administrative headquarters of the Farma Laboratory, located in Caracas.

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