Get to know the MILLIONAIRE mansion that Itatí Cantoral INHERITED from his father, but he had to put it up for sale

In recent years, Itatí Cantoral She has become one of the most popular actresses in several Mexican productions, and she inherited her talent from her parents, especially from her father, Roberto Cantoral. When the artist died, he left the millionaire Mansion which inherited the actress, the property located in Texas is full of luxuries, but for various reasons she had to put on sale.

The millionaire Mansion what Itatí Cantoral inherited from his father, is located in Rancho Viejo, a residential area in southern Texas and very close to the city of Matamoros. However, as it is a property of great magnitude, the actress of ‘Silvia Pinal, in front of you’, had to put on sale due to the high maintenance costs that he shared with his brothers, Roberto, Carlos and José.

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