Bern: Activists want to sabotage police and army exercise

PostedAugust 2, 2022, 10:42 PM

In mid-August, an anti-terrorist exercise is planned over several days. Opponents of the extreme left announce that they want to do everything not to facilitate it.

From August 15 to 19, a large-scale exercise, simulating a state of emergency, will be played in Bern and its surroundings. Baptized Fides, it is organized by the Swiss army and the Bernese cantonal police. This involves simulating the scenario of a ‘long-term terrorist threat’ which would require the ‘protection of critical infrastructures’, such as food distribution centres, computing centers for energy supply or important transportation and government infrastructure. Since announcing the exercise in February, authorities have not released details of the exercise, such as the exact location where it will take place or the crisis scenario that will be concretely implemented.

This disturbs circles critical of the police and the army, as the “Berner Zeitung” reports. Under the name “No Fides”, they have launched a campaign with their own website, where they criticize the exercise as well as the state security forces as such. These autonomous left-wing activists see in the exercise “much more than a staging by which the army and the police want to demonstrate that they are indispensable”. They also hope to sabotage this exercise.

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