Bethesda’s New Game ‘Starfield’ Exclusively on Xbox: Director Todd Howard Talks Advantages of Console Exclusivity

2023-09-07 08:30:03

Bethesda’s new work “Starfield” has finally been released, but director Todd Howard said that the Xbox platform exclusive “created a better product”. The console is an Xbox exclusive Since “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion”, the console version has been released on both PlayStation and Xbox (“TES III: Morrowind” is an Xbox exclusive) Bethesda Game Studios work, but “Starfield” is a console The version is exclusive to the Xbox Series X | S and will not be released for the rival PS5. One of the reasons for this is that Microsoft acquired ZeniMax, the parent company of Bethesda, but it seems that there were advantages in development as well. Todd Howard, who responded to an interview with the British media BBC about this, commented that he can concentrate on more when making something exclusive. “We know that the hardware people are playing is specific, and we can focus on that, so we can create a better product,” he explained. Bethesda Publishing Director Pete Hines also spoke about this, claiming that “If it had been released on PS5, it would not have been released in time for this year.” He says that focusing on fewer platforms has been a huge benefit for the team. In addition, it seems that they are also expecting to be branded. “Sometimes it (exclusive) can be an advantage, as many people think of Zelda and think of the Nintendo Switch,” he said. Starfield is available for PC (Steam/Microsoft Store)/Xbox Series X|S. It also supports Xbox/PC Game Pass, so if you are an Ultimate member and have a high-speed and stable internet environment, you can play with Xbox Cloud Gaming on your laptop or smartphone.

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