“Beware of Online Hotel Booking Scams: Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Booking Websites”

2023-05-30 02:54:15

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Recently, the exchange rate of the Japanese currency has frequently hit a new low, and there are many tourists in Japan. Many people like the flexible itinerary of independent travel and order air tickets, hotels and other services by themselves. Accounts attract customers with low housing prices or upgrades, and then private messages request remittances in advance, which is hard to guard against. He pointed out that as long as there are “3 phenomena”, it may be fraud.

The well-known reservation network “Booking” has an “official” scam message! Yesterday (29th)someone complainedBecause there was a new accommodation plan in the hotel that had already been booked, which could save nearly half of the accommodation fee and provide breakfast, I re-booked the room through the reservation network. It didn’t take long for the hotel to request payment in advance through the reservation network. The victim did not suspect him. Then he swiped his card to pay, and then found that the credit card was stolen for more than 10,000 yuan, and the process aroused public discussion.

haveEnthusiastic Netizens Measured, choose Hotel Granvia Osaka-JR Hotel Group, which shows “no credit card/local payment” on the reservation website, and 10 minutes after making the reservation, I receive a message from the hotel customer service account through the reservation website, requesting He paid in advance and provided payment methods other than the reservation network. He speculated that “the Booking account held by the hotel was stolen”, and he asked everyone to be careful “not to be led to pay in private transactions.”

Netizens actually measured that about 10 minutes after booking a room, they did receive a fraudulent message from the hotel reservation website account. Picture / flip from &…

He also pointed out that paying attention to 3 phenomena when booking a room can reduce the chance of being deceived:1. The hotel suddenly drops prices or upgrades on the reservation website, and delivers food; 2. There are no rooms on the official website of the hotel on the same date, but there are a large number of vacancies on the reservation website;At the same time, it should also be noted that since the other reservation network Agoda and Booking belong to the same group, it is not ruled out that the same fraudulent methods will also appear.

Netizens were startled by the new type of fraud, and they all said, “High-profile, it’s hard to prevent”, “It’s too hard to prevent”, “This kind of fraud is really scary”, “The restaurant’s account was stolen? It’s ridiculous. , it’s hard to clean up”, “Recently, it seems that it has nothing to do with the size of the hotel, but the platform account of the hotel has been stolen”, “I just ran a small advertisement window next to the reservation to save 10% by paying immediately. Fortunately, there is this This article tells you, otherwise you will be deceived.”

Some people also shared their experience, “My friend booked accommodation in Taiwan and encountered hackers who changed the amount to a lower amount to attract others to order and then spread fraudulent information. Since it was in China, the friend directly called the hotel to inquire. Misappropriation”, “I also encountered it a few months ago, but it was a letter that looked like booking and asked for payment. It was strange to write to the hotel to find out that it was fake”, “I had previously paid in full for the order. Received another letter yesterday! I am now asking Agoda customer service and waiting for a response.”

Some people suggested that they could send another letter to the hotel to confirm that the order was correct. Netizens who actually tested it also said that they had notified the hotel, and the reservation network has closed the reservation of this hotel.

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