Bezrukov sat down on a bench in the park, and their son and Mathison slept peacefully

Sergei Bezrukov is a father of many children. He has three children from Anna Mathison: daughter Masha, eldest son Styopa and younger Vasenka.

The other day, the actor shared a fresh picture with his birthday daughter, hinting that it doesn’t matter what profession Masha chooses when she grows up. The main thing is that she is happy. Together with her father, the girl often attends performances and children’s productions. Still, Sergei Bezrukov is the artistic director of the Provincial Theater.

Even more news about the stars in the Telegram channel “Star dust”.

On a personal page in the microblog, the actor showed a photo with her son, capturing his tiny heels in the frame. Sergei sat down on a bench in the park, while their little son Vassenka peacefully dozed in his stroller with Anna Mathison. Bezrukov touched the fans with such a touching scene.

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