Biden: Iran wants to destroy Israel and we will not allow the Jewish state to be erased.. We will enter the war

Washington – US President Job Biden said yesterday, Wednesday, that the United States will not stand idly by if Iran escalates its attack on Israel on a large scale, and Washington may be drawn into the confrontation.

Biden said, in an article with the Wall Street Journal: “The Israeli army possesses the technology necessary for defense… Iran wants to destroy Israel and erase the only Jewish state in the world, and we will not allow that.”

He added: “If Iran escalates its attack on Israel significantly, the United States may be drawn into it – Israel is our strongest partner in the region, and we will not stand idly by if it is attacked and its defenses are weakened.”

Iran said that its armed forces were ready to repel any attack from Israel, and the air force said it was on standby. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi also warned that “the smallest attack” from Israel would lead to a “huge and harsh” response, at a time when the region is preparing. An Israeli counterattack, in response to an attack launched by Iran, last Saturday.

Raisi said on Wednesday at the Iranian army’s annual military parade that any Israeli move against his country, even if it was simple, would face a “strong and decisive” response.

Raisi defended the Iranian strike during the parade, which was moved to a base, northeast of the capital, Tehran, far from the usual place for military parades on the highway in southern Tehran, as well as “Azadi Square” in the center of the capital.

He said in a speech he delivered before the commanders of the army and the Revolutionary Guards that the Iranian attack “demonstrated that our armed forces are on alert,” stressing that “if the Zionist entity carries out the slightest attack on Iranian territory, it will be dealt with severely and strictly,” according to what Agence France-Presse reported. From the official media.

On Saturday evening, Iran launched a large-scale direct attack on Israel, using dozens of drones and ballistic missiles, in response to Israel targeting the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, at the beginning of this month.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard announced, in a televised statement on Saturday, that “in response to the crime of the Zionist entity and its attack on the consulate of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s Air Force bombed certain targets in the territory of the Zionist entity with dozens of drones and missiles.”

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured his colleagues in the ruling Likud Party yesterday, Monday, that Tel Aviv will respond to the unprecedented Iranian attack “with wisdom, not emotion,” and that the Air Force is ready.

Source: RT

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