Will there be three genders in the Latvian language?

Will there be three genders in the Latvian language – he, she, they (viņš, viņa, viņo)? This and other proposals were put forward by linguist, translator and teacher Aiga Veckalne, who wrote “The Inclusive Language Guide,” writes Latvijas Avīze.

The commission of experts on the Latvian language of the State Language Center assessed these proposals harshly, pointing out that “they should rather be considered as a restriction of freedom of speech and even a threat to common sense.” Veckalne herself emphasizes that the publication of the manual is her private initiative and is in no way obligatory.

Meanwhile, some social media users have tried to create the impression that the guidelines are an official document that everyone must now follow. For example, user “X” Andris Vitols calls it “recently approved”, although it is not approved anywhere. Other users express suspicions that the publication was financed by the Public Integration Foundation (Full Name) or another government agency, which is not true.

IDF senior diversity expert Sigita Zankowska-Odiņa notes that the guide is not mandatory for those working in public institutions, but the foundation is glad that it has appeared as it will be the first step in discussion on important issues.

What does the linguist recommend in his manual and why do Latvian language experts criticize it so much, while representatives of the field of social integration are positive? Veckalne claims that she did not come up with any of the terms included in the guidebook herself, but only summarized what was already mentioned in articles and studies by other linguists and in the practice of translators.

When reading the guide, it is clear that the recommendations contained in it concern language changes for a wide variety of groups in society, and first of all it is recommended to introduce non-binary pronouns into the Latvian language, using for non-binary people instead of “viņš” and “viņa” the pronouns “viņi”, ” viš” or “viņo”.

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2024-04-18 04:07:36

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