Bogomolov commented on the rumors about emigration

The director reacted to reports that he left Russia after Ksenia Sobchak.

Konstantin Bogomolov and Ksenia Sobchak. Photo:

Ksenia Sobchak for almost three years she has been happily married to Konstantin Bogomolov. The TV presenter even admitted that she was not opposed to having a child with a new chosen one.

From her first marriage with Maxim Vitorgan, she has a son, Plato. At the beginning of the year, the star family had already rested in Courchevel, and then the couple traveled to Argentina. Therefore, many were surprised when, at the end of February, the TV presenter left Russia again.

Ksenia herself emphasized that her son holidays started, so she decided not to cancel the trip even amid the fact that Russia is conducting a special operation in Ukraine. However, soon there were footage from israel, which provoked rumors about the emigration of the star.

The media also wrote that he decided to leave after his wife and Bogomolov. But on March 8, he broke his silence and even filmed a video in the theater as proof.

“Against the background of more frequent rumors about someone’s emigration, we are in a hurry to inform you. Igor Vitalievich, what date is today? the director said.

“Today is March 8, 2022,” Igor Mirkurbanov answered.

International Women’s Day, with which we hasten to congratulate all those involved. And we’re playing Demons tonight. And your humble judge is also playing today. This is the Palace on the Yauza. This is Larisa Lomakina. We are practically saying goodbye to this site, as the historical stage is almost ready, everything ends there. We will be moving soon,” Konstantin explained.

Sobchak immediately reacted to his post. She appreciated his ability to express himself well.

“Adore. Brad, of course, commenting is always somehow strange, but only you get it so caustically and fun, ”the TV presenter wrote.

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