Boric calls Ambassador Gazmuri for consultation after statements by the Venezuelan Foreign Minister – La Discusión 2024-04-24 14:59:55

President Gabriel Boric called the Chilean ambassador to Venezuela, Jaime Gazmuri, for consultation after the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Yván Gil, denied the existence of the Aragua Train and assured that the criminal organization is an international media fabrication.

Last week, in the middle of a meeting that Yván Gil held with his Colombian counterpart, Luis Gilberto Murillo, the representative of the Nicolás Maduro regime stated that the criminal gang of Venezuelan origin is an invention to defame his country.

“Now they invent a supposed Aragua Train, an organization that existed in Venezuela, localized, and which they then tried to promote as a brand. “We have observed, for example, how videos appear in a ridiculous manner, even with people who claim to be part of the Aragua Train, with a Peruvian accent or a Chilean accent,” he commented.

Furthermore, Foreign Minister Gil assured that the Venezuelan authorities have denied the existence of the organization and that the Government of his country is constantly working to combat organized crime.

“As they always try to defame Venezuela, they have invented the existence of a Venezuelan organization called Tren de Aragua, which supposedly affects the world,” he added.

“We take it as an insult”

During an official activity this Thursday, the president referred to the situation and expressed that the “irresponsible statements” of the representative of the Maduro regime “are deeply worrying and constitute a serious insult to those who have been victims of this organization and also to their families. And we also take it as an insult to the States that have been victims of the Aragua Train.”

“This lack of recognition of a reality that is evident and proven not only demonstrates a lack of commitment to the necessary international security cooperation, but also demonstrates a refusal to effectively address the transnational problems of organized crime,” he added. .

In that sense, the head of state stressed that organized crime is a concern for all countries in the region, in response to which governments must act in a united manner, “that is why denial is useless and is not tolerable.”

“Along with this, we are concerned about the lack of collaboration on the part of the Venezuelan government in key areas related to security, such as, for example, the expulsion of individuals responsible for committing crimes in our country,” he continued.

“Venezuela does accept expulsions from the United States”

In his speech, the president recalled that millions of people have left Venezuela as a result of the crisis affecting the country, where the majority are honest people looking for other destinations or a better life for their families.

However, he also indicated that some criminals have caused a lot of damage in various countries in the region,” to which, “Venezuela is not collaborating with southern countries, but it is collaborating with the United States. “It does accept expulsions from the United States to Venezuela, but it is not doing so with southern countries and is not responsible for this situation.”

Faced with all this, the president announced his decision to call Ambassador Gazmuri for consultation, in order to gather detailed information about the current situation in Venezuela and “evaluate all the measures that are necessary to protect the interests and security of our citizens.” and of those who inhabit our country,” he indicated.

“In addition, agree together and instruct the ambassador on all necessary actions, both to the Venezuelan Government, and also eventually to international organizations,” he concluded.

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