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The deputies of the UDI bench representing the Ñuble Region, Cristóbal Martínez and Marta Bravo, sent a letter this week to President Gabriel Boric, requesting that he commit to making a profound modification to the political regime that exists in the country, after In the latest Cadem survey, Chileans evaluated the current system with a score of 3.1.

In this regard, and along with recognizing the “serious crisis” that the system is currently going through, Martínez and Bravo assured that the first thing that should be promoted is to return to the 120 deputies that existed until 2015, when the government of the then President Michelle Bachelet proposed reforming the system, which meant increasing the number of parliamentarians throughout the country.

In that sense, the representatives of District 19 also mentioned the same survey, where 83% of Chileans said they agreed with reducing the number of parliamentarians, so they assured that “it is a measure where there is a transversal agreement, and that “It would allow us to face the serious problems of representativeness and governability that the current system is experiencing.”

“There is no doubt that the political regime of our country is experiencing a deep crisis and we cannot continue to be immobilized. The reforms that were made starting in 2015 did not have the desired effects, and rather than improving representativeness, they ended up fragmenting Congress, reducing to a minimum the possibilities of reaching any type of agreement. That is why we have decided to advance all the reforms that are necessary in order to improve the levels of governance, among them one that seeks to reduce the number of parliamentarians and return to the number we had until 2015, because it has become evident that a greater number of deputies did not improve representation in the country at all,” the UDI legislators pointed out.

But in addition, Martínez and Bravo recalled that in mid-January they already presented the first of the reforms that they will seek to implement, and that consists of establishing a threshold of 5% so that political parties can enter and be part of the Chamber of Deputies – unless at the national level they obtain a minimum of eight parliamentarians -, thus avoiding what is currently happening, where the presence of 22 communities makes any option of reaching an agreement difficult.

Likewise, the union deputies mentioned that the bill they presented at the beginning of the year also establishes the cessation of office for all parliamentarians who decide to resign from the party for which they were elected, as a way to avoid the so-called “discollation.”

“If the Government does not agree with reducing the number of parliamentarians and establishing a threshold of 5%, the minimum is that they make it transparent to the Chileans, because it is quite evident that we need to modify the system and it would be very regrettable if they did not agree,” they reiterated.

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