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Boris Moiseev died | STARHIT

by archyde

Boris Mikhailovich almost never left the house. The last public appearance of the artist took place on May 25, 2021 – then he took a walk at the anniversary of Christina Orbakaite.

At the beginning of this year, Moiseev’s representative was accused of embezzling the musician’s apartment. The singer’s brother said that Peas allegedly rewrote someone else’s property to himself.

“Slowly they send him to the other world”: Boris Moiseev’s brother sounds the alarm

“Boris Mikhailovich lived, lives and will always live in his beloved Moscow apartment. He did not draw up a deed of gift, did not transfer his property to me. However, in 2020, having seen enough of the “horror stories” pandemic about the division of inheritance, he made a decision and offered to conclude a life annuity agreement with me. I am neither the owner nor the owner of the property, but I have a responsibility to him and a number of obligations specified in the contract: for example, I pay his expenses, buy medicines, pay utility bills. However, I have been fulfilling these obligations since 2010, that is, since Boris Mikhailovich, due to ill health, was forced to reduce and later stop his concert and touring activities, ”the administrator justified himself, assuring that he did not claim the star’s property.

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