‘Brahmapuram empty of fire and smoke’; District Collector NSK shared the video. Umesh

Kochi – Ernakulam District Collector N.S.K. said that the fire and smoke in Brahmapuram are almost completely under control. Umesh. The Collector announced this on social media along with the video of heavy smoke rising from Brahmapuram on 3rd March till 12th. The Collector stated that it is hoped that the smoke can be completely controlled today and the effort can be ended.

Post of Collector

Brahmapuram empty of fire and smoke. The fire and smoke at Brahmapuram is almost completely under control. The plant area has been divided into 7 sectors and 5 out of 7 sectors were completely under control last day through the rescue operation which has been going on for the last 10 days.

By the end of today’s operations, the fire and smoke in all sectors have been largely brought under control. It is expected that the smoke will be completely controlled today and the initiative will be completed.

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Constant monitoring will be done in areas where the fire has been extinguished due to the possibility of re-emission of fire and smoke. It has also been suggested that fire extinguishers should be ready for use at any time.

The patrol team is on the scene to find out if there is even a small amount of smoke rising from the fire pits. Drones equipped with thermal cameras will also be deployed to detect coal in landfills.

The significant reduction in smoke levels has also been reflected in the Air Quality Index, where the air quality has improved to a large extent compared to the previous days.

English Summary: Ernakulam Collector shared video on Brahmapuram fire crisis

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