“BRCA2 Gene Mutation Awareness: One Woman’s Battle Against Cancer”

2023-05-12 17:00:00

After beating the disease in 2017, Victoria Power, a 33-year-old Briton, had a bad feeling after she started coughing and noticed severe fatigue. After a consultation with the doctor, she received a simple prescription for antibiotics. However, four days later, during a routine visit to her surgeon, the terrible news came.

“There were shadows on my lungs and liver. After several more scans and tests, it was confirmed that there was cancer in my lungs, liver, lymph nodes and bones. I was devastated, ”she testifies to the Mirror. His doctor had thus misinterpreted his scanner, a few days earlier. “I’m only 33 and my life is now considerably shorter. »

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“They didn’t give me a lifespan estimate, but I never asked either, because it’s not something I want to know,” she continues. “My main concern is that my little boy may not have his mum by his side as he grows up. »

Victoria, mum to 8-year-old Jacob, started chemotherapy in February and has just had another scan to check how she is responding to the treatment. She is now sharing her story to raise awareness about the BRCA2 gene mutation, which increases the risk of breast cancer as well as other types of cancer.

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