British Intelligence: Russian forces are advancing in Bakhmut and supply routes are limited

British Military Intelligence announces the progress of Russian forces and “Wagner” forces in the northern suburbs of Bakhmut, and talks about the difficult field situation in the city.

  • Russian forces are making further progress in the northern suburbs of Bakhmut

British military intelligence announced today, Saturday, that the defense of Ukrainian forces in Bakhmut, in the east of the country, is “under heavy pressure, as fighting rages in and around the city.”

British military intelligence added that “Ukrainian resupply routes outside Bakhmut are increasingly limited”.

It indicated that “the Russian regular forces and Wagner’s forces made further progress in the northern suburbs of Bakhmut.”

And British military intelligence reported that “Ukraine is reinforcing the area with elite units, and within the past 36 hours two major bridges in Bakhmut were destroyed.”

Yesterday, Friday, the commander of the Russian armed “Wagner” group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, announced that his forces had practically surrounded the city of Bakhmut, where the battles are currently concentrated in eastern Ukraine.

Prigozhin said in a video published by his media office via “Telegram” that “Wagner’s units have practically surrounded Bakhmut, and there is only one way left” to get out of the city.

On February 24, Wagner announced the control of the Ukrainian town of Berkhivka, north of Bakhmut, in a move that enabled it to cut off one of the most important supply routes for the Ukrainian army.

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The Russian forces had previously announced the control of the town of Paraskovivka at the northern entrance to Bakhmut. Perkhivka is located to the southwest of Paraskovivka.

The leader of the “Wagner” group previously expected to control Bakhmut within two months, while Ukraine described the situation in Bakhmut as “the most difficult” in confronting Russian forces.

It is noteworthy that Bakhmut is a city located on both banks of the Pakhmutokva River in northern Donetsk Province in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, and there is a diversity in its demographics. In addition to Ukrainians and people of Russian origin, there are other minorities such as Belarusians and Armenians.

The city, in which Ukrainian fighters and others of various nationalities are holed up, is a hotbed of battles in western-central Donbass, as the Russian army continues its advance and encirclement of the city, which is a transportation hub in western Donbass.

Since the beginning of this winter, the fighting in the direction of Bakhmut has focused on artillery bombardment, with slow Russian advances on the ground. The Russian forces have made remarkable progress in recent weeks, especially in the north, as they took control of the city of Solidar last January.

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