Briton on holiday in Greece files gang rape complaint against group of Belgian men

This is the Greek newspaper”Dimokratiki” which relates this information involving Belgians on vacation in Rhodes in the seaside resort of Floodsknown for its popular discos. A 31-year-old Briton turned herself in to police on Monday morningArchangelos to lodge a complaint against 4 Belgian men. She claims to have been the victim of a gang rape.

According to her statement, around midnight on Sunday evening, she went with friends to a club of Floods. After consuming a lot of alcohol, the woman said she met a group of friends consisting of five to eight Belgians between the ages of 30 and 35. The contact passing with one of them, the thirty-year-old agreed to return with him to the hotel where he was staying with his friends. The victim told police that she then eu voluntarily have sex with this man, on the balcony and in his room. The man in question would then have left the premises, and four other men would have entered the room. Wife has explained having been raped by the 4 men.

The victim then reportedly left the hotel and took a taxi to his own hotel. Around 7 a.m., she went to the police to file a complaint.

DNA samples taken

According to the newspaper “Dimokratiki“, a judicial investigation is opened and the police arrested the four alleged perpetrators after being identified by the victim. DNA samples were taken from all suspects and all four men were arrested. They deny all the facts. They were to appear before the Rhodes prosecutor. A Greek police spokesman told HLN that the four suspects had since been released.

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