Tony Issa to his father on his birthday: He is always at the fore and does not look like anyone

Lebanese actor Tony Issa posted, on his Twitter account, a picture of his father, actor Nazim Issa, on the occasion of the latter’s birthday, where he greeted him with touching words stemming from the heart.

Tony attached the photo with the following comment: “By Lilly is always at the fore before us and the whole world… By me, you don’t look like anyone, not as big as your heart or as big as your mind.. May God give you health and long life and take my life and give you… I wish you 100.”

The picture met with a great interaction among the followers who wished Tony’s father a long life and that God would preserve them, and the most prominent of these was the Lebanese actor Badi’ Abu Chakra, who wrote: “Leave and preserve over your head,” as actor Wissam Hanna commented: “Long life and health, O Lord. Professor Nazim, decorate people with your morals and love.

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