Brittany and its flamboyant economy are showing “some signs of running out of steam”

2024-01-09 13:19:36

Good student. Must continue his efforts. Ranked among the regions of France with the lowest unemployment rate, Brittany saw its statistics deteriorate slightly at the end of 2023. According to an INSEE study, the unemployment rate increased by 0 .2 points over one year in the region to stand at 6%, well below the French average (7.4% excluding Mayotte). In France, only Pays-de-la-Loire does better, with 5.8%. Even if it climbs to 6%, this rate remains one of the lowest in the last fifteen years.

According to the statistics institute, this indicator illustrates the fact that the Breton economy, which was said to be flamboyant, “shows some signs of running out of steam”. A trend that is found at the national level and which is accompanied by an increase in business failures. This is particularly the case in the construction sector, which is slowing down. In Rennes, Brest and throughout France, hundreds of construction sites are at a standstill due to low sales rates. “This sector is once again facing a decline in new housing starts and building permits,” specifies INSEE. In one year, construction starts fell “sharply” in the region (-17.6%), as in France (-17.7%).

Unsurprisingly, it is above all temporary employment that suffers, with a net decline of 3%. If salaried employment continues to increase slightly, the number of people registered with Pôle emploi is increasing, “particularly among the youngest”.

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