Bruno Hourcade: Millionaire Winner on ‘Les 12 coups de midi’ – Full Coverage and Winning Strategy Revealed

2024-04-14 19:46:06

Bruno Hourcade is the biggest winner in the history of televised games in France. By participating in the show “Les 12 coups de midi”, on TF1, from January to October 2021, he managed to become a millionaire. He details this victory with Audrey Crespo-Mara in “Sept à Huit”.

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Seven to eight

The million euros after nine months of participation in a game show. From January to October 2021, Bruno Hourcade, then 29 years old, manages to answer the questions in the game “The 12 strokes of noon” on TF1. On September 25, 2021, he reached one million euros in winnings. A first in France. “It had never happened to win more than a million euros in a TV game in France”actually recognizes Bruno Hourcade, alongside Audrey Crespo-Mara, in “Seven to Eight”.

Victories thanks to “military discipline”

But these daily victories for nine months, against 756 different candidates, were not obtained without method. Because if this graduate of a business school was able to count on his very good general knowledge, he also revised, in particular by making worksheets. “It’s a military discipline”supports Bruno Hourcade, smiling.

“I said to myself that there were obvious things about culture that you need to know: the capitals of the world, the capitals of departments… And in fact, I have a very methodical mind, that’s that is to say, I love lists and the departmental capitals are great, because there is a number, so we can learn them in sequence, we can visualize them. a map”he gives as an example.

“In history, I made cards by color: characters in yellow, places in green, etc… And as I have a very visual memory, when someone told me about a subject, I visualized the card , that is to say that I remembered where there were the words in yellow, in blue and I managed to say to myself ‘ah yes, it was such a year, such a person’he explains.

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This method made it possible to exercise excellent memory, “that I have always worked on”recalls Bruno Hourcade. “I read a lot, I play a lot of games all the time, quizzes, etc… Because ultimately it’s a muscle, the brain, like any other. In any case, I’ve been working on it for years”he imagines.

But this work does not prevent the champion from having certain areas of predilection. “I really like everything that is ‘pop culture’ we’ll say, so cinema, series, music. And then, I also have slightly more niche themes. Greek mythology is my great passion”, describes Bruno Hourcade. Conversely, he easily admits failing to answer as soon as the questions concern cooking. “These are a bit my big shortcomings, I have to get into cooking”he smiles.

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